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=====Sub Pages=====
=====Sub Pages=====
[[General Journal]] '''in progress - <span style="color: red"> Accounting Process'''<br>
[[General Journal]] ''' <span style="color: red"> In Progress'''<br>
[[General Ledger]]<br>
[[General Ledger]]<br>
[[Chart of Accounts]]
[[Chart of Accounts]]

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BookkeepingPedia Wiki Roadmap

This road map is like a to do list, its updated as items are completed and may be rearranged as we move forward

Primary focus - Accounting Process
Secondary focus - Payroll

Main Page-primary focus

Accounting Process

Sub Pages

General Journal In Progress
General Ledger
Chart of Accounts

Main Page-secondary focus


Sub Pages

Payroll Processing

Termination Processing

Payroll Setup - employees

  • Xero
  • MYOB

Payroll Setup - file

  • Xero
  • MYOB

Time in Lieu


Death of Employee

Leave (annual, personal, long service)




Correcting Payroll Errors

Single Touch Payroll

Salary Sacrifice

Paying Extra Tax

Novated Lease

Employee Loans

Software Setups

Chart of accounts


Custom Templates