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Welcome to Bookkeepingpedia

Bookkeepingpedia is not designed to provide in-depth detail, it's designed as a quick reference guide for day to day coding, concepts, definitions, acronyms and acts as a reference guide by providing links to the detailed external information.

Bookkeepingpedia is being developed in conjunction with the bookkeeping community to provide a single common place for the entire bookkeeping industry.

Until now there has not been a single bookkeeping platform for Australian bookkeeping professionals, Bookkeepingpedia aims to bring together all the fragmented information into one easy to use community driven wiki.


  • Bookkeepingpedia does not provide individual advice, all information is for reference only
  • Bookkeepingpedia is for the Australian bookkeeping profession only
  • Bookkeepingpedia is not responsible for accuracy of all the information on the site, where possible all information will be referenced

Who is Bookkeepingpedia for?

Bookkkeepingpedia has been created for anyone who wants bookkeeping information including but not limited to:

  • Bookkeeping professionals
  • Students
  • Part time bookkeepers helping out on a partners business
  • Individuals who want to account for their personal monies
  • Accounts professionals
  • Business owners who want to gain better financial understanding